The Bo Diddley Chat

16-02-2005/ 10pm-11pm PDT

Nightrain: Very well put together
WolfgangGuhl: he, please, not she
WolfgangGuhl: lol
WolfgangGuhl: my site is online since 1999 now
Nightrain: It's very nice
Nightrain: I like Chick Berry also
HalfandHalf: well now,  i've obviously NEVER heard the original of this til now..
Nightrain: Which song HALF???
[ BoDiddley has entered ]
HalfandHalf: uhm..the last one   À
Nightrain: Well look who came a little early
BoDiddley: Hey ya'll
WolfgangGuhl: Hey Bo Diddley
Nightrain: Bo came in a little arly to just check things out
BoDiddley: hey
WolfgangGuhl: will he stay or leave and come back again?
HalfandHalf: well hiya MrDiddley
WolfgangGuhl: by the way, I like your new song 'Leave', Bo!
BoDiddley: I'm here
BoDiddley: Thank u
Nightrain: WolfgangGuhl is joining us all the way from Germany and HalfandHalf is in the Washington DC area
Enorman57: Train i still want the hat!
Enorman57: lol
Nightrain: lol
BoDiddley: u can't have ma hat
Enorman57: hello bbbbbbbboooooooooooooo
Nightrain: (good you tell him Bo....)
Nightrain: "Bo Knows"
BoDiddley: Ask me som'n ya'll
Enorman57: was alan freed a crook?
BoDiddley: no
BoDiddley: he was very fair wit me, porkie chatwick would play my recds in 55 they caqlled me the BLACK ELVIS
Enorman57: ok because i understood some artist were made to share song writing credits to get their music why i asked
BoDiddley: the moonglows are backin' me on this
Nightrain: hee, hee, hee
HalfandHalf: i just want to thank you for being one of the founding fathers of my favorite music - rock and roll
BoDiddley: Harvey Fuqua & Bobby Lester
[ Nightrain has left ][ quit ]
BoDiddley: Thank u H&H
BoDiddley: tHAT IS TRUE
HalfandHalf: no..thank YOU
[ Nightrain has entered ]
Enorman57: Bo i spent about min talking with you at a huge oldies show in new jersey at the meadowlands a few years ago that hat still stands out as one            of the best trademarks i have ever seen.
BoDiddley: The original lyrics to 'Bo Diddley' 'Uncle John' will be released
WolfgangGuhl: Bo, have you now fully recovered from the two-toe amputation?
BoDiddley: Yes Wolfy. Thank GOD I'm OK
WolfgangGuhl: That's great to hear!
BoDiddley: Nas new song is I'm A Man
BoDiddley: What's your fav Bo Diddley Song?
BoDiddley: I want to thank all of ya'll from the bottom of my heart for loving the music I did in America
HalfandHalf: who do you love (especially now that i've heard the original and NOT the geo thoroughgood and the destroyers version i've been listening to
BoDiddley: A lot of people don't understand the injustice we were victims of in the music world but I'm hangin in for all my fans around the world WolfgangGuhl: well, Crackin' Up is excellent
Nightrain: What kind of injustices Bo???
WolfgangGuhl: but my favourite is Bo Diddley Put The Rock in Rock'n'Roll
BoDiddley: Bo says Bob has been to "scollege"
WolfgangGuhl: would be great if you could play that one on the upcoming Euro Tour
BoDiddley: I don't know if people would understand the 'r' rated lyrics to Uncle John. I'm thinkin about it
Nightrain: I'll bet people would understand
Nightrain: after all...."BO KNOWS"
BoDiddley: I'm touring overseas with The Debbie Hastings Band which is a dynomite group
Enorman57: Bo has the advertising world been good to you these last few years. how many of your songs have been used in commercials/
BoDiddley: Look out for us overseas
BoDiddley: were comin' in full force
WolfgangGuhl: I’ll see 4 shows once again
Nightrain: How was the show at BB Kings this  past weekend???
Enorman57: and how many songs used in movies?
[ Mikedavis has entered ]
WolfgangGuhl: I'd like to say that your band is great. They have always been very friendly to me and they are great musicians.
Mikedavis: hello all!!!  À
Nightrain: Hi Mike
BoDiddley: too many enorm and my beat has been used throughout the world in commercials the good ole' American rip-off
WolfgangGuhl: Hi Mike
BoDiddley: They paid somebody, Not Me
Mikedavis: just checking ta go....enjoy!!!
HalfandHalf: fav davis-nerd!
[ Mikedavis has left ][ quit ]
WolfgangGuhl: Bo Diddley would be a multi-millionaire if he would get the credit he deserves
Enorman57: i also understand you make your own guitars anyone else play a BoDiddley special?
BoDiddley: Gretch makes guitars for me but I have my own designs. I'm designin' one with Billy Gibbons
Enorman57: what other guitarist make you say ..Damn!!!!!!!!!!
Nightrain: Shortly before leaving school he formed his first group, a trio named The Hipsters, later known as The Langley Avenue Jive Cats, after the
                      Chicago street where he lived. Bo pursued a variety of low paid occupations including truck driving, building site work and boxing, playing                         locally with his group to supplement his income. Around this time he married his first wife Louise Woolingham, but the marriage did not                survive. A year later, he married Ethel "Tootsie" Smith, who bore Daughter Evelyn Tanya and son Ellas Anthony McDaniel.
WolfgangGuhl: You are not particularly a fan of Elvis. Are you, Bo? What do you think of Jerry Lee Lewis?
WolfgangGuhl: What about Chuck Berry?
BoDiddley: Jerry is my friend. I didn't get to know Elvis enough to casll him my fried
Nightrain: Hey Bo..........did you ever work with Jimi Hendrix?
BoDiddley: Johnny Guitar Watson, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed Elmore James and Scott Free3
BoDiddley: Me and Chuck are good friends
WolfgangGuhl: I saw Chuck in January, Jerry last year. Jerry is in better shape than in years, Chuck still duckwalking. Jerry now did get the Lifetime
                            Archivement Award.
WolfgangGuhl: I think it's crazy how they make money out of Ray Charles' death.
WolfgangGuhl: What do you think, Bo?
BoDiddley: No but I knew Jimi. He rained on my perade.
Nightrain: How is that???
BoDiddley: Alan Freed got songwriting credit because that is how payola worked
WolfgangGuhl: When he was still alive, his albums were great, but no hits. Now he gets a dozen Grammys. Why don't they give people the credit why they are               still alive?
WolfgangGuhl: WHILE they are still alive
Enorman57: what are your memories of Muddy Waters..if any.
BoDiddley: I think Ray should have made this money while he was alive
Nightrain: ^5
BoDiddley: Muddy wanted to take my song 'I'm A Man' and put it out before I did. We did get to record together because I was the young thing at Chess Nightrain: (I love that song)
Nightrain: (I love that song)
BoDiddley: NT: Making wierd sounds on his guitar like I did
WolfgangGuhl: did you see the 'Ray'-movie?
Enorman57: and what do you think of radios treatment of Black artist today...and i mean vetrans like yourself, little milton, the late johnnie taylor, 
                      tyrone davis...etc
WolfgangGuhl: would you be open about a Bo Diddley movie?
Enorman57: well i did ask Bobby?
Enorman57: with pleasure
[ MAUREENPEACH has entered ]
BoDiddley: I'm open to a movie right NOW
HalfandHalf: hiya maureen
[ Jimsbsr has entered ]
Nightrain: Welcome Maureen....say hello to our special guest......BO DIDDLEY....(The Originator)
Nightrain: Welcome Jimsbsr....say hello to our special guest......BO DIDDLEY....(The Originator)
BoDiddley: Which came first, Dearest Darling or Tequila?
Jimsbsr: Hello, folks. Hello Bo
MAUREENPEACH: Good Evening Nightrain
BoDiddley: Hi
MAUREENPEACH: Good Evening Bo Diddley
BoDiddley: Hi Maureen
Jimsbsr: Bo.Is it true that Ed Sullivan wanted you to sing 16 Tons instead od Bo Diddley?
BoDiddley: Yeah Ed did
BoDiddley: Ed was racist
Jimsbsr: So you defied him. Good for you
Nightrain: WOW
BoDiddley: yes
WolfgangGuhl: also parts of Creedence Clearwater, right?
MAUREENPEACH: Bo who influenced you the most musicaly?  À
BoDiddley: Alan Freed, Wolf Man Jack, Don Arden, Hugh Baby, Dick Clark all played my music
MAUREENPEACH: Bo I`m your number 1 fan  À
Nightrain: Could you go into some more detail about how "Jimi Hendrix Rained on Your Parade"???
Jimsbsr: Bo. Did the Moonglows record with you. How many songs?
BoDiddley: No one influenced me that much. I did what I could do plus I had 12 years of violin that know one knows about. I Know. I ain't gone yet BoDiddley: Jimi had a fuzz pedal and I spent all my years tryin' to get my amp to NOT be distorted. Ha Ha I take my hat off to him
Jimsbsr: Tell us about the Chess brothers. Did they treat you fairly
BoDiddley: Moonglows recorded with me whenever we happened to be in the studio together
WolfgangGuhl: is "We Ain't Scared" still available?
Nightrain: We know and love Harvey fuqua here on Soul-Patrol
[ Johnsly has entered ]
Jimsbsr: We doowoppers love him too
HalfandHalf: hiya johnsly
Nightrain: Welcome JohnSly....say hello to our special guest......BO DIDDLEY....(The Originator)
Enorman57: Train thanks for bringing black history not just today but 365..tonight is very special 
BoDiddley: We Ain't Scared was a song I put together but do ton some legal diff. I closed shop. But I'm comin! 
Johnsly: Hello Bo Diddley and everybody 
Nightrain: Thanks Enorman.....but it's men like Bo who want to share their history with us so that we can pass it along to others 
[ Doreen has entered ] 
Nightrain: Welcome Doreen...say hello to our special guest......BO DIDDLEY....(The Originator) 
[ Doreen has left ][ quit ] 
Enorman57: and i preciate it! 
MAUREENPEACH: Bo Diddley were you friends with DR KING????? 
Johnsly: Mr. Diddley .. the first song I remember hearing was " Say Man" part 1 & 2. What was your inspiration ? 
[ Gregsgirl has entered ] 
BoDiddley: No I never met Dr King but he Was a M A N amongst men 
HalfandHalf: hiya gregsgirl itarist that make you say Damn? also do you Jerry Mccain? 
Nightrain: Welcome gregsgirl....say hello to our special guest......BO DIDDLEY....(The Originator) 
MAUREENPEACH: Yes Bo Diddley i agree DR KING is my hero À 
BoDiddley: My insperation was puting humor in my music to make people feel good. Times were hard 
BoDiddley: The Moonglows sing bg on this 
Nightrain: Hey Bo.....tell us about some of your work with Billy Stewart??? 
Jimsbsr: Yep. I can hearthem clearly. I loved Bobby Lester too. 
BoDiddley: Enorm there are so many good guitarist. I've seen so many 
Jimsbsr: You helped Marvin Gaye and the Marquees too. Right? 
MAUREENPEACH: Bo who imspires you????????  À 
BoDiddley: Me and Billy were very close 
BoDiddley: this song is now called "Drop It Like It's Hot'  Ha Ha 
[ Gregsgirl has left ][ quit ] 
Johnsly: What was your favorite song of Billy Stewarts ?? 
Nightrain: Billy Stewart ghad an amazing voice, how did you come to start working with him??? 
BoDiddley: Fat Boy was the only song Billy did with me. He didn't get paid either 
[ Baron has entered ] 
HalfandHalf: ooo..(my one and only funkoverlord) 
BoDiddley: We performed for pay we didn't get paid for records that were sold cause they made more than we knew about 
Nightrain: Welcome Funkoverlord, Frank, Moon and Baron....say hello to our special guest......BO DIDDLEY....(The Originator) 
Funkoverlord: hey everybody! 
Funkymoon: Hey Funkoverlord 
[ Bluejeans has entered ] 
Johnsly: Strange feeling W
WolfgangGuhl: Will you ever retire or do you Rock ‘Til You Drop?
BoDiddley: Rock 'til I drop 
Nightrain: Welcome Bluejeans....say hello to our special guest......BO DIDDLEY....(The Originator) 
MAUREENPEACH: Funkoverlord hi 
BoDiddley: I can't quit. I built this monster and I got ta feed it 
Funkoverlord: Mr. Bo Didley...Hello from Pittsburgh! 
Enorman57: how much of your material is now under your control nad where could i order your stuff from knowing that you get the cash? 
BoDiddley: I only did Fat Boy with Billy 
[ Soulman has entered ] 
Baron: enorman stole my question 
Funkoverlord: hi Peach...Moon 
[ Chrissyd has entered ] 
Enorman57: lol 
Nightrain: Welcome Soulman....say hello to our special guest......BO DIDDLEY....(The Originator) 
Johnsly: I'm playing Fat Boy Now 
Nightrain: Welcome Chrissyd....say hello to our special guest......BO DIDDLEY....(The Originator) 
BoDiddley: I wished I knew were u could order my music where the cash came to me 
Enorman57: that is not a good thing. 
Chrissyd: hello Bo 
BoDiddley: hELLO Chris 
Nightrain: Hell yeah got dat right!!!! 
Johnsly: Bo.. Maybe I can help ypu 
BoDiddley: How 
Chrissyd: it's an honor 
Funkoverlord: Mr Bo....what was the experience like working with all those different musicians at Chess? 
Jimsbsr: Is that the Moonglows on I'm Sorry? 
BoDiddley: It was just a day at the office 
Soulman: Hello from Soulman  88 fm tampa 
BoDiddley: I'm Sorry is the Moonglows 
[ SamLong has entered ] 
Nightrain: Bo needs to be .....PAID for his contributions to OUR music and culture 
Funkoverlord: Some 
Jimsbsr: Yes. That is my kind of song. Great!!! 
Nightrain: Welcome SamLong....say hello to our special guest......BO DIDDLEY....(The Originator) 
BoDiddley: Hello soulman 
Soulman: Been a long time since visiting you  in  North Florida 
Johnsly: I sit in The Truth In Rock Baord along with some of your friends. I am also displayed in Thr Rock & Roll Hall Fame too. I kow some people who          have help find our royalties our royalties 
Nightrain: Bo.........what do you think of multi-millionare groups like the "WHO"....("borrowing" your style???) 
BoDiddley: I still live in Levy county in N Florida 
Funkoverlord: How were you able to create those unique sound in the studio with the echoes and reverb? 
Baron: the stones stole more 
Nightrain: Ya think Baron??? 
BoDiddley: Help find my royalties? 
Baron: sly,your move 
Johnsly: yep 
Funkoverlord: Mr. wife Angel says to tell you hi. 
Enorman57: ok train i get it you a man! Man! lol 
Soulman: Last time I was at your house it was outside of Gainesville  Hathorne if I remember right 
Johnsly: My cousin's fahter is Phil Phillips..The Sea of Love ... I help him find some his 
BoDiddley: The American Rip-Off system helped the group make money of my style. Statute of Limitations is the Great Rip-Off 
[ MAUREENPEACH has left ][ quit ] 
Baron: i read in the 80s that u don't paid 4 any of your songs. why is it still going on ? 
Johnsly: I found some of my royalties 
BoDiddley: We don't have time 4 me 2 explain how I creat sounds. There are so many dif ways 
WolfgangGuhl: how heavy is your guitar exactly? 
BoDiddley: Hi Angel and Funkoverlord 
Funkoverlord: Ok....I was just wondering. Perhaps another time. 
WolfgangGuhl: you said it would hurt your back if you would still play standing 
[ Chrissyd has left ][ quit ] 
[ Maureenpeach has entered ] 
BoDiddley: I moved soulman. I live in G'ville 
Nightrain: Give Bo a chance to catch up to some of the questions 
Johnsly: what made you come up with the sqaure style of your guitar ?? n the state of Florida 
Funkoverlord: My wife has a big smile across her face! 
BoDiddley: Baron, the publishing was stolen 
Nightrain: Funkoverlord is one of the top Black DJ's in Pittsburgh 
BoDiddley: My guitar is ridiculously heavy 
BoDiddley: My back does hurt but I'll be back up 
Jimsbsr: Well. Nite all. Nite Bo. Good talking to you. Keep playing forever. 
Soulman: Don't know about that top DJ thing.. BUT been at it a long time 
Funkoverlord: Mr. many different guitars do you have? 
BoDiddley: My back operation caused me to sit down 
Nightrain: btw...."JohnSly" is John Wilson of Sly, Slick & the Wicked 
BoDiddley: I came up with a square guitar because I didn't want 2 b like any one else 
Nightrain: "Frank" is Frank Massini of Danny & the Juniors ("At The Hop") 
Funkoverlord: Yeah Bob...I'm the guy they love to hate. LOL! 
Soulman: And Bo is one of the "Special Artist's  I have the honor to play 
WolfgangGuhl: does that mean you will play standing again? 
Maureenpeach: Frank hey 
Nightrain: cool 
[ BoDiddley has left ][ quit ] 
Johnsly: Hi Frank !! 
Baron: bo, do u still make guitars? & do u still play the violin? 
[ Nightrain has left ][ quit ] 
[ Maureenpeach has left ][ quit ] 
[ Jimsbsr has left ][ quit ] 
[ BoDiddley has entered ] 
[ HalfandHalf has left ][ quit ] 
Funkoverlord: Hi Half....I just saw you, Baron and Enorman 
[ Nightrain has entered ] 
BoDiddley: Hey Yalln I'M BACK 
[ Johnsly has left ][ quit ] 
[ Enorman57 has left ][ quit ] 
Nightrain: oops...I got knocked out and had to hit refresh to get back in 
BoDiddley: Hey 
[ Baron has left ][ quit ] 
[ Maureenpeach has entered ] 
Nightrain: I got knocked out 
[ Enorman has entered ] 
[ HalfandHalf has entered ] 
Nightrain: I'm back 
[ Baron has entered ] 
Funkoverlord: The screen is down! 
BoDiddley: Y'all better ask me some ??? I'm sleepy 
Nightrain: Hey Bo.... 
BoDiddley: Hey 
Maureenpeach: so did i nightrain 
[ FunkyMoon has entered ] 
Nightrain: Are you working on any new projects?? 
Maureenpeach:  à
WolfgangGuhl: does that mean you will play standing again? 
Baron: bo,do u make guitars? & do u still play the violin 
BoDiddley: Yes. Just waitin on legal problems 2 be cleared away. Stay tuned 
BoDiddley: Yes I will play standing again 
Maureenpeach: Bo Diddley i just wanted to say i sold hundreds of your recourds in my record store in the late 70`s  À 
BoDiddley: I don't play violin no mo 
Enorman: i want to know the most terrifying thing you had to deal with on the road at any point in your career. 
Maureenpeach: sold 
Maureenpeach: sorry 
WolfgangGuhl: wow! 
[ Johnsly has entered ] 
BoDiddley: I would like all my bros & sistahz 2 come and see what they been missin 4 years. I'm still here 
BoDiddley: My music is tricky 
Nightrain: Here is a question submitted via email…..”Would you be willing to participate in a special dedicated to just the pioneers of rock i.e.             Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis...etc”. ? 
Maureenpeach: We would sit in my record store and say hey lets play a musical genius BO DIDDLEY   À 
Johnsly: I'm back 
BoDiddley: I haven't seen a dime of any records sold in the late 70's 
Nightrain: wb John 
WolfgangGuhl: what is walking like after your toe-amputation? 
Enorman: i have seen Bo in concert and he is electric with a big E 
Baron: he did that already. i have that special on dvd 
BoDiddley: In the US, I've learnt the ups & downs of the music indstry from the 50's to now 
Maureenpeach: Bo Diddley and your fans are here allso À 
Nightrain: That's terrible Bo.........yet another rip off by the .....CULTURE BANDITS 
Maureenpeach: We love ya  À 
BoDiddley: The courts would help people not pay you. I have to work at 76 years old 
Nightrain: Bo....have you ever worked with any of the members of the "P-Funk Mob"??? 
Funkoverlord: Mr. Bo...who is Bo Didley Jr. ? Is he related to you? 
Funkoverlord: He's  based in Pittsburgh 
Enorman: What do we have to do to get more of the youth of today to check out the music of our elders? Bo knows 
Nighttrain: Maybe. ..they start to get it then 
BoDiddley: Walkin is wierd but I do it. I walk like I'm drunk sometimes 
WolfgangGuhl: what was the largest audience you ever played to? 
Johnsly: You cannot know where your going till you know where you've been 
SamLong: who were your musical influances as a youngster in missippi 
Baron: i saw u in a video with george througood (bad 2 the bone) did u like his remakes of your songs? 
Maureenpeach: Bo Diddley thanks for giving us such beautiful music and inspiring us  À 
BoDiddley: I HAVEN'T worked with PFunk but Bernie Worrell has worked with me 
Funkoverlord: Enorman...I think the best thing to do as Dizzy told me. Play it it. 
WolfgangGuhl: remember them tricky stairs at Jazz Cafe? I thought they were horrible. You chose the way through the audience. 
Enorman: like in the car on a crosscountry trip? half? 
BoDiddley: I like Bootsy Too 
Johnsly: To Bo & Frank .. Thank you for payving the way for us.. 
Maureenpeach: Bo do you consider yourself a Blues artist????? 
Nightrain: I can see some of your influence in the music and the style of P-Funk 
HalfandHalf: always in the car enorman..and in the house..anywhere you gets in 'em and they learn to appreciate it 
Enorman: then he owes u money Bo. 
WolfgangGuhl: I'd like to thank you for always having time for your fans. Signing every autograph, allowing pictures etc. That means a lot to all of us. BoDiddley: My late nephew Ricky Jolivet formerly of D.C. is the Original Bo Diddley Jr. 
Funkoverlord: Thank you...that's all I wanted to know Mr. Bo 
BoDiddley: When I used the term I'm A Man it meant I was nothin' 2 play wit 
Baron: still pertains 2 today 
[ Johnsly has entered ] 
Funkoverlord: Oh man...Who Do You Love? My jam! 
Maureenpeach: lol 
Nightrain: I thought that it was a pretty BOLD STATEMENT to make in 1955 
SamLong: I live gainesville where you are the man 
Nightrain: wb John 
Bluejeans: my kids knew the words to Who Do You Love when they were in grammar school! 
BoDiddley: I'm not a blues artist I'm a rhythm artist 
BoDiddley: Muddy BB and Elmo James are blues 
HalfandHalf: (see that night??? he's NOT a blues artist) 
Maureenpeach: ok thanks Bo  À 
Nightrain: Why isit that some folks mitakenly label you as "blues"?? 
Baron: yeah playing the guitar like a drum (ha ha) 
Johnsly: Again .. Bo & Frank Thank you for paving the way Good Night 
BoDiddley: I like loving my fans. They put me here up or down. I like to be nice as possible and I'll continue 2 do that 
[ Johnsly has left ][ quit ] 
Baron: thank u 
BoDiddley: Hey Sam 
Maureenpeach:  À 
Funkoverlord: Mr. Bo....are these concert promoters who do these Roots of rock and Roll shows still trying to short change you? 
Enorman: Who do you listen to on your victrolia? 
Enorman: Cd player 
BoDiddley: They don't recfognize diff styles of music so they label me blues. Many people interpret blues differntly. Some live it and some don't BoDiddley: I took Billy to Chess records and played on Billy's Blues too 
Nightrain: Your songs with Billy Stewart were great 
BoDiddley: Promoters r always tryin 2 shortchange me 
[ Sally has entered ] 
Enorman: how tough was Jackie Wilson. in Concert? 
Nightrain: Did you ever work with SUN RA during your days in Chicago??? 
Maureenpeach: Sally hi 
BoDiddley: I have a DVD recorder not a victrolla ha ha 
Nightrain: Welcome Sally....say hello to our special guest......BO DIDDLEY....(The Originator) 
Sally: Hi Maureen 
FunkyMoon: Hey Sally 
Sally: I made it!! 
Sally: Well, Hello Bo! 
Sally: Hi Funky 
Sally: HI Bob 
Sally: Hello to all 
Funkoverlord: Ooh...that girl! 
[ Bill has entered ] 
Enorman: hi 
BoDiddley: I loved Jackie. We were good friends. A great dude 
Maureenpeach: cool sally 
BoDiddley: Sun who? 
Sally: Mr. Overlord... how u? 
BoDiddley: Hey Sally 
Nightrain: Welcome Bill....say hello to our special guest......BO DIDDLEY....(The Originator) 
[ Frank has left ][ quit ] 
Enorman: micheal jackson, Usher or Jackie Wilson? 
Bill: it's great to hear about your history 
BoDiddley: I work with Billy Branch in Chicago and Munkeez Strikin' Matchiz 
Funkoverlord: Mr. Bo....maybe you knew him as Sonny Blount or Lucifer(Sun Ra) 
BoDiddley: I like em all but Jackie was the originator of that style 
Bill: I know you lived or worked in Washington D.C. at one time, what led you there? 
BoDiddley: I might know Sun Ra if I see him THERE and I had a girlfriend NAMED tHELDORA 
Soulman: Be good Bo .. Gotta run .. Will hook up and do interview soon if ok with You  "Soulman" 
Funkoverlord: Sun Ra would say he was from Saturn. 
BoDiddley: Willie Dixon wrote this 
Nightrain: Bo....are there any current artists that you either admire or would like to work with??? 
Enorman: now that is a true BLues me some Willie Dixon 
SamLong: Sun House was a bluesman but also a rytham player 
BoDiddley: I would like to work with whoever wanna work with me 
[ Chrissyd has entered ] 
Baron: that's if they'd know who u are,mr d. 
Nightrain: wb ChrissyD 
BoDiddley: rhythm is all rap I mean hip-hop is about 
Sally: Rissy 
[ Selah has entered ] 
Chrissyd: ty 
Nightrain: Welcome Selah....say hello to our special guest......BO DIDDLEY....(The Originator) 
Funkoverlord: Mr. Bo....I could see you working with Prince or James Blood Ulmer 
Baron: him & prince would be hot 
Chrissyd: sally 
Funkoverlord: Selah....what's up? 
Sally: YEs? 
Selah: Hello Mr. Diddley 
BoDiddley: I love everybody. It feels like a new day. My stuff on Soul-Patrol is great. I LOVE them for it and lets keep on rockin. Lets do it again Baron: how does t'mow sound? ha ha 
BoDiddley: I don't know James Blood Ulmer but I know James Brown 
Enorman: Bo i will save my meadowlands story..but brother i am still waiting on my autograph..maybe nBro Bob can get me the hookup.but i am gonna run  
         has been apleasure to chat with each of chat room Bob. 
Nightrain: Thanks Bo.....Thanks for coming and droping some science on us 
Funkoverlord: Welcome Chrissy's Kevin 
Sally: Since I'm late, I'm sure I've already missed this, but BO, any tours planned soon?  I missed you when you were last in my area 
BoDiddley: I want all kids to stay in school and get that piece of paper and stay away from the drugs baby Don't do it 
Baron: amen 
Bill: When people like George Thoroughgood and Bruce Springsteen sing your praises and talk about how great your music is, does it bring your pride or   
            does it make you angry thatsome people will only pay attention to your legacy when Bruce or george point it out? 
Chrissyd: helo Kevin 
WolfgangGuhl: I liked what you said about Rap. I don't like the words either. 
SamLong: thanks for everything see you around gainesville 
Selah: I always thought McKinley Morganstern wrote "I'm A Man" 
Baron: i gotta go 2. good nite silly. 
Baron: that's bo 
Sally: Baron... nite 
WolfgangGuhl: Yeah, it would be great to do that chat again. Are you using the PC at home, Mr. Diddley? 
[ Baron has left ][ quit ] 
BoDiddley: It don't pay my bills when people praise my music. I like it but I'm still workin' to survive 
Soulman: Good Nite 
BoDiddley: Bye Sam 
[ AdamsRib has entered ] 
Sally: Selah  œ 
Selah: Was it you Bo? 
BoDiddley: Papa Joe or Jody Williams on lead guitar on this 
Maureenpeach: Nite Bo 
Nightrain: Welcome AdamsRib....say hello to our special guest......BO DIDDLEY....(The Originator) 
[ SamLong has left ][ quit ] 
BoDiddley: Muddy didn't write I'm A Man 
AdamsRib: Oooooooooooooooh yes  ....  Mr Bo Didley 
Funkoverlord: Mr. Bo....are you still a sherrif? 
Selah: I been schooled 
AdamsRib: Bo your THE MAN (wink) 
[ Soulman has left ][ quit ] 
Bill: In the beginning of your career, was there ever a song that you did not record that you wished you had recorded back then? 
BoDiddley: Muddy copied I'm A Man and thought he was gonna have a big hit makin' fun of me but it didn't work 
Funkoverlord: Hey ssita Rib! 
BoDiddley: No I'm not a sheriff 
Nightrain: That's pretty damn deep Bo  À 
[ Enorman has left ][ quit ] 
BoDiddley: Good nite ENorm 
AdamsRib: that is really deep  ......   just learned something 
Nightrain: Prince someone that you admire??? 
BoDiddley: No I recorded what I wanted to 
BoDiddley: I like Prince 
Nightrain: Who is "John De Conk Da Loo"???? 
Selah: How was it making fun of you? 
WolfgangGuhl: when the Stones played 'I'm A Man' the press gave Muddy the credit. More people need to know about Diddley. 
[ ShellyD has entered ] 
WolfgangGuhl: Bo, do you have a file with past Tour Dates of yours? 
BoDiddley: John the Conka Root is used in voodoo. 
Bill: What did you think of Pop Staples as a guitarist Did you know him? 
Selah: Oh, John The Conquerer Root 
BoDiddley: Muddy said I wasn't a man, I was a mannish boy but we all know I'm 500% more man 
[ Funkoverlord has left ][ quit ] 
Nightrain: Welcome ShellyD....say hello to our special guest......BO DIDDLEY....(The Originator) 
Selah: I know about that 
Maureenpeach: Bo  À 
BoDiddley: Whoever reported that the stones did a muddy waters song called I'm A Man didn't bother to check da truf 
ShellyD: Greetings to our special guest and to everyone... À))) 
BoDiddley: I loved Pop Staples he was my good friend 
Selah: Although you could say I don't know Diddley 
BoDiddley: Me and Jerome Green 
Nightrain: Pops was a badddddddddddd guitarist 
BoDiddley: Yes he was 
WolfgangGuhl: Bo, do you have a file with past Tour Dates of yours? 
Nightrain: 1955  Checker Records release BO'S first record "Bo Diddley"/"I'm A Man". It climbs straight to the top of the R&B chart. He appears on Ed 
                      Sullivan's "Toast of The Town" CBS-TV show. 
Nightrain: 1956  He records "Who Do You Love?". Chess Records release Billy Stewart's "Billy's Blues (Parts 1 & 2)", with BO on guitar. 
AdamsRib: 1955 was the year of great creations  ........  LOL 
Bill: what do you think is your least appreciated or known, but one of your best  records 
Nightrain: 1957  He co-writes the song "Love Is Strange" with Mickey (Baker) and Sylvia (Vanderpool-Robinson), a hit for them, and for The Everly Brothers 
                      in 1965, and for Peaches & Herb in 1967. Chess Records relocates its studios to 2120 South Michigan Avenue in Chicago. 
[ Shark has entered ] 
Selah: Did you know Willie Dixon? 
WolfgangGuhl: I figured out thousands of past tourdates. I also listed all upcoming ones on which includes news also about Bo Diddley.               David Blakey by the way is doing a great job with the Official Website. 
BoDiddley: I love ya'll and keep your eyes open for Munkeez Strikin Matchiz 
[ Funkoverlord has entered ]
[ Funkoverlord has entered ] 
Chrissyd: wb 
BoDiddley: I love ya'll and I just destroyed BB Kings last Saturday. I'm still cookin and ready to boil som'n up. I gotta go 2 sleep so I CAN FRY SOME   
                      CHICKEN TOMORROW 
Sally: wb Kevin 
Funkoverlord: Got bumped off 
Nightrain: Welcome Shark....say hello to our special guest......BO DIDDLEY....(The Originator) 
Selah: Hello Sally 
Selah: Satisfied? 
Sally: Thanks, BO... night!!! 
Bill: goodnight 
Nightrain: Hey everyone.......Bo has got to go (say goodbye to him) 
WolfgangGuhl: Goodnight, Bo. Thank you and see you again!!!!!! 
Sally: Love you Back!!! 
Chrissyd: nie 
Chrissyd: nite 
Sally: Yes, Selah 
FunkyMoon: Goodnight BO!!! 
WolfgangGuhl: You are a star! 
Funkoverlord: Good talking to you Mr. Bo 
[ Bill has left ][ quit ] 
HalfandHalf: bye mr diddley 
Nightrain: Hey's been a real honor and next time you are up this way we will hook up 
Bluejeans: nite bo! 
Selah: Nite Bo 
ShellyD: Continued blessings.. À)) 
Bluejeans: do a concert in Dayton sometime, Bo! 
Shark: Hi bo happy black history month. 
Maureenpeach: Good Nite Bo thanks for the knowledge  À 
FunkyMoon: THANKS for spending some time with us! [
 Bluejeans has left ][ quit ] 
BoDiddley: LOOK OUT FOR NEW MUSIC THATS COMIN. I'm gone flood the Grammies 
Selah: I can't stand that Niight Train do! 
Nightrain: lol Selah  À 
[ BoDiddley has left ][ quit ] 
AdamsRib: Bo is da MAN 
Sally: Nightrain always gets left at the station 
Nightrain: We will play your NEW MUSIC here on Soul-Patrol Bo 
Nightrain: Now wasn't that a fantastic chat session? 
Selah: Bo Done Gone 
Sally: I missed it!!! 
[ Shark has left ][ quit ] 
Nightrain: "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows",            "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows", "Bo Knows", 
Nightrain: He dropped some SERIOUS knowlege on us here tonight 
Sally: At least I caught the last minute of it!! 
Funkoverlord: Well ya'll...that was something! 
AdamsRib: me too Sally 
ShellyD: wow.....wished i would have come in much sooner..... 
Nightrain: We will have this chat transcript up sometime next week 
Sally: Shoot, I thought it was tomorrow night 
WolfgangGuhl: it was fantastic 
Sally: that's what that Nightrain guy first said 
AdamsRib: now I can tell Bo Jackson that I know "Didley" 
WolfgangGuhl: Thanks to Soul-Patrol 
AdamsRib: LOL 
Sally: so i put it on my calendar 
HalfandHalf: BoDiddley: Ed was racist    (lol) 
Nightrain: Next week we will have the Chi-Lites in here to discuss Chicago Soul 
Maureenpeach: Yes nightrain great chat session À 
Sally: hahaha @ rib 
Selah: I like Mannish Boy, I'll have to listen to I'm a Man 
Funkoverlord: Welll.....we could continue our anaylysis of the Grammies! 
Sally: ok @ kevin 
Sally: I still love Joss Stone 
Sally:  À 
Funkoverlord: So do I 
Nightrain: And in March HalfandHalf will be starting up her Black Music Trivia Chat sessions (with prizes) 
Selah: I do too, but she was out classed that nite 
Sally: AND, I just want you all to know that my latest boyfriend was on the Grammies and WON! 
Nightrain: So watch out for that 
Funkoverlord: Alan blessed me out 
HalfandHalf: (kevin save me from him) 
Sally: Aye, Selah, she's only 18 
Selah: she needs more seasoning 
Sally: HI Hal... didn't know you were here! 
Sally: oops 
Sally: Half 
Chrissyd: hello half 
Funkoverlord: make him stop Half 
AdamsRib: ciao folks  ...... 
Maureenpeach: I`m not good at trivia à
HalfandHalf: hiya everyone 
Sally: Ciao @ Rib 
[ AdamsRib has left ][ quit ] 
Selah: Ciao Bella 
FunkyMoon: peace AdamsRib 
Funkoverlord: lata sista Rib 
Nightrain: Half is going to giving away some SLAMMIN CD's as prizes for the winners 
Sally: Imma win, too 
Sally: Rizzy won't win 
Sally: or Rissy 
Sally: or whateva that damn name is  À 
Funkoverlord: Here's something for you all..... 
Nightrain: well it will be a test of your knowlege 
Chrissyd: yall allowed to win   AFTER all the old Prodigy peeps win 
Selah: win wha? 
Funkoverlord: today a co-worker ask me what I thought about Bill Cosby. 
Selah: We gon win half & half? 
ShellyD: well wonderful sistas/brothas....all have a fantastic tomorrow.... À)) 
[ Nightrain has entered ] 
[ ShellyD has left ][ quit ] 
Nightrain: back 
WolfgangGuhl: I am leaving now 
[ MAUREENPEACH has entered ] 
[ SallyAgain has entered ] 
Nightrain: I was booted 
Nightrain: wow 
WolfgangGuhl: Goodnight y'all! 
[ Chrissyd has entered ] 
SallyAgain: Bob booted me 
WolfgangGuhl: and thanks for the great time 
[ Funkoverlord has left ][ quit ] 
Nightrain: hey wolfgang 
Funkymoon: night Wolf 
Nightrain: you are welcome anytime here 
[ Funkoverlord has entered ] 
SallyAgain: Nite, Wolf 
SallyAgain: WB Kev 
[ HalfandHalf has entered ] 
Nightrain: wb Half 
SallyAgain: WB Half 
Chrissyd: wb half 
Chrissyd:  was it something I said 
HalfandHalf: (now I know why I don't chat) 
SallyAgain: Speaking of prodigy, Funky, how you? 
[ Sally has left ][ quit ] 
Chrissyd: hmmm u used to chat 
Funkymoon: I'm fine 
HalfandHalf: i know rissy..but life took over  À 
SallyAgain: I got some pictures back  À 
Nightrain: Please join us anytime 
Funkymoon: cool 
Chrissyd: right right... good to see ya again 
Funkoverlord: anyhow...I told my co-worker that bashing and suing black male celebrities is the current trend 
Chrissyd: looong time no see 
SallyAgain: huh?? @ kevin 
HalfandHalf: i'll reserve my "good to be back" AFTER i do a couple chats, LOL 
Chrissyd: lolol