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Tour Information
30. September 2000

the tour information section has been updated

30. September 2000

the Fats Domino section has finally been opened

Jerry Lee Lewis Turns 65
29. September 2000

one of the greatest performers of Rock'n'Roll history
and one of the real pioneers celebrates today his 65th

24. September 2000

because I can now use 150 MB Webspace for this website
the Multimedia section has been massive updated

Legends Of Rock'n'Roll In Concord
17. September 2000

here are some pictures of Chuck Berry and Little Richard
performing in Concord 1999

Chuck Berry In Lubbock
07. September 2000

Chuck Berry performed in Lubbock on September 1st 2000
here is a picture from the show

New Chuck Berry CD Releases
07. September 2000

All The Very Best (Going For/ Bellaphon)

Anthology (Usa)

check out for more information

Chuck Berry Records A New Album
01. September 2000

Chuck Berry records a new album
which he will release to commemorate his 75th birthday
it includes 13 new songs including Lady B. Goode and a song
he already performed during this year's European Tour 
called Loco Joe
they are already written and Chuck hopes to have his old
keyboard player Johnnie Johnson accompany him on 
this new album
it will be Chuck's first studio album since 1979 when 
he recorded "Rock It" although he recorded a song
called Go Shabba Go in 1995 with Shabba Ranks