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Tour Information
22. November 2000

the tour information section has been updated again

22. November 2000

Chuck Berry News has changed address

Tour Information
18. November 2000

the tour information section has been given a massive update

18. November 2000

the shop section has been opened
buy some rare records that will be available
only one time on this website

13. November 2000

some Mail Order Services have been added

11. November 2000

a lot of new lyrics have been added:
My Ding A Ling
Roll Over Beethoven
Thirty Days
Brown Eyed Handsome Man

10. November 2000

Johnny B. Goode has been finally added to
the lyrics section

Mercury Smashes And Rockin' Sessions
04. November 2000

Bear Family Records finally released Jerry Lee Lewis
complete Mercury recordings on a 10 CD Box
the price is 365 DM for Europe and $ 250 for the USA

Release Dates: 30-10-2000 Europe
                        12-12-2000 USA
check out for more information