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Statement from french Chuck Berry European Tour 2001 promoter
Thursday, 31. May 2001 - 18:01

[...] We have invited Chuck in Antibes JUAN LES PINS for Sunday 22 nd July 2001. 
We can think about additional concerts in Stockholm and Germany around this date. [...]

Dominique Leiterer 
9, avenue de la Liberté 

Source: Johan Hasselberg

Jerry Lee Lewis cancelled show at Montreux Jazz Festival
Thursday, 31. May 2001 - 18:01

The programm "Good Rockin'Tonight - A tribute to Sun Records Exploring the Roots of Rock’n Roll" 
now lists the following artists:

- Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings NEW
- Billy Lee Riley
- Little Milton
- Sonny Burgess
- Accompanied by Chris Spedding & The House Rockers
- Special Guests: Robert Plant and Jimmy Page NEW

So it seems that the Jerry Lee Lewis show is canceled!

Source: Thomas Sobczak

Thursday, 31. May 2001 - 18:01

5 new items have been added. Available only one time:

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Picture Gallery updated
Saturday, 26. May 2001 - 16:47

Section has been revised and we added a new picture.

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3 new Lyrics added
Saturday, 26. May 2001 - 11:04

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Chuck Berry European Tour 2001
Saturday, 26. May 2001 - 11:04

We got further infos on the Chuck Berry European Tour in July 2001:

Source: Johan Hasselberg

Chuck Berry back in the recording studio
Thursday, 24. May 2001 - 13:38

Chuck Berry's former fan club president, JP Ravelli, in Paris, 
says Berry recently has been in a recording studio in St. Louis. 
The new recordings will be available on a new album. 
Berry has composed 13 new songs, which he plans to release as a disc 
to commemorate his 75th birthday, Oct 18th, 2001. USA Today wrote about 
the new songs in a story Aug 2th, 2000: "One of them is called "Lady B. Goode", 
Berry tells us as we converse amiably around an outdoor table 
as dusk engulfs Delmar Boulevard. But don't expect it to be at all like 
"Johnny B. Goode". It isn't. During some of his recent European dates, 
Berry slipped another new song, "Loco Joe", into his repertoire, 
but he worries about bootleg versions being marketed before he records the tracks!".

Source: Johan Hasselberg

Chuck Berry European Tour 2001
Thursday, 24. May 2001 - 13:38

There is already one scheduled show
on July 22th 2001 
in Antibes, France - Jazz Festival
Check out the Tour Information section for more details. 
More dates will follow.

Source: Johan Hasselberg

The Greatest Rock'n'Roll Show On Earth
Sunday, 20. May 2001 - 14:22

The Greatest Rock'n'Roll Show On Earth

31 December 2001
Little Richard and his Band - Casino Estoril - Estoril - Portugal

Source: Wolfgang Guhl

Chuck Berry scheduled to perform at Experience Music Project
Saturday, 12. May 2001 - 11:59

Rock legend Chuck Berry will perform live in EMP's Sky Church on May 12. 
The show begins at 8 p.m. with opening act Jo Miller and Her Burly Roughnecks. 
The previously scheduled May 12 performance headlining Jerry Lee Lewis has been canceled. 
Lewis is unable to perform due to illness.

Time: 8:00 to 11:00 p.m.
Venue: Sky Church
Ticket Info: Ticket holders for the Jerry Lee Lewis show may use those tickets for the Chuck Berry performance. 
Tickets are also available for the Berry show at the EMP Box Office or 
by calling 206.770.2702 or 1.877.I-LISTEN. 
Refunds for Jerry Lee Lewis are available through the EMP box office.

Source: Wolfgang Guhl

New concert review added
Saturday, 12. May 2001 - 11:07

We added a new concert review of Chuck Berry's show 
in Detroit in January 2001 to the Specials section.
Hope you'll enjoy it.

Source: Jeffrey Prater/Dan Hansen  

70000 visitors
Saturday, 12. May 2001 - 11:07

70000 visitors since February 1999.
Thanks for all who help us to keep this site
as a reference for Chuck Berry's fans around the world.

Source: Wolfgang Guhl

Statement from the Jerry Lee Lewis family
Thursday, 10. May 2001 - 19:33

MAY 8TH, 2001 
Press release 

Because of the statements and false allegations 
reported recently in the media concerning a 
"relationship" between Jerry Lee Lewis and Bonny Lee 
Bakley Blake, we feel we need to make a statement 
correcting inaccurate information being fed to the 

First and foremost, we offer our deepest condolences 
to Mr. Robert Blake and his family, as well as Mrs. 
Blake's family. As saddened as we are to hear of 
anyone dying, we want it made clear that I have never 
fathered a child by Mrs. Robert Blake, Bonny Lee 
Bakley, to whom my name has been attached since her 
murder has been reported in the media over the last 
few days. 

Years ago, Mrs. Blake was an avid fan, but after some 
time, she began harassing my family while, at the same 
time, she was married and living in New Jersey. She 
moved to Memphis in the hope that I would leave my 
devoted wife, Kerrie, and our son, Jerry "LEE" Lewis 
III, and marry her: merely a figment of her own 
imagination. Mrs. Blake then went on to cultivate 
friendships with my relatives and friends, hoping 
somehow this would help her cause. However, her 
stalking of my family, as well as her threats to kill 
our son, landed her in a Memphis court room. As a last 
ditch attempt to form a relationship with me, in 1993 
she charged she was carrying my child and stories to 
this effect appeared in the tabloids. This claim was 
thrown out of a Memphis courtroom as our lawyer 
proved, with my passport, that I was out of the 
country longer than her records claimed she was 
pregnant. Since she had no records to show she had 
left the country, the case was over before it began. I 
know I am a strong man, but this I could not have 

That is the last I ever heard of her, other than that 
she continued to show up at a few of my concerts over 
the years. 

I do hope the child who has my name and has been told 
I am her father, learns that I am not her father and 
that I am very sorry that she has had to suffer this 
lie. I have always taken care of my children and have 
never denied any of my children. I have lost 2 sons 
already. The lives of my children are very dear and 
precious to me!! 

I do hope these truths will put an end to questions 
concerning my involvement with the life and death of 
Bonny Bakley Blake. 

Jerry Lee Lewis and Family 
PO BOX 384 
NESBIT, MS 38651 
662-429-9830 (fax) 
1-800-921-8037 (pager)

Source: Kay Martin

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Wednesday, 09. May 2001 - 14:43

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