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10 new Lyrics added
Friday, 30. March 2001 - 14:40

Our thanks go again to Francis Goulet who sent us the lyrics to the following songs:

10 new Lyrics added
Saturday, 24
. March 2001 - 13:39

We just have included 10 new lyrics to this site along with the new update.
Our thanks go to Francis Goulet who sent us the lyrics to the following songs:

Johnny B. Goode makes Top 365 songs of 20th Century
Sunday, 11. March 2001 - 15:13

Top 365 songs of 20th Century. See "Johnny B. Goode" on 27.
The 365 top songs of the 20th century, as selected by 
the National Endowment for the Arts and the Recording Industry Association of America:
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New Chuck Berry Book Release
Sunday, 11. March 2001 - 14:06

Fred Rothwell
Long Distance Information: Chuck Berry's Recorded Legacy
Paperback - 352 pages
Music Mentor Books / ISBN 0-9519888-2-4
List price: £21.35 (UK)/
£22.90 (Europe)/$32.75 (USA-Surface)/$38.00 (USA-Airmail)
Publication date: March 31 / 2001

An amazingly detailed blow-by-blow analysis of every recording Chuck Berry has ever made. 
Includes an overview of the man’s life and career, his influences, 
the stories behind his most famous compositions, full session details, 
listings of all his key US/UK vinyl and CD releases (including track details), 
TV and film appearances, and much, much more. 
The author presents this wealth of information and his enlightening critiques of 
Berry’s recordings in a lightweight style tinged with humour that makes for a highly entertaining read. 
Over 100 illustrations including label shots, vintage ads and previously unpublished photographs. 
This book is set to become the standard reference work on the man known 
throughout the world as "Mr. Rock & Roll".

New Chuck Berry CD Release
Sunday, 11. March 2001 - 12:18

Chuck Berry In London
24 tracks/4-page booklet
Official 4012-FS
List price: $17.00
Puplication date: 2000

A new CD with previously unreleased material from 1964 has been released 
on the Official Label. It contains live material from a BBC 1964 broadcast and 
the Saturday Night Club the same year. Although the sound quality is pretty poor, 
this is a must have for every true Chuck Berry collector.

George Clinton und Barry White werben für CD-Brenner (German Language)
Sunday, 11. March 2001 - 10:12

Mehr als 20 amerikanische Musiker, unter ihnen Chuck Berry, 
Barry White, George Clinton, Liz Phair, De La Soul und Lil' Kim, 
zeigen in einem TV-Werbespot, wie Musikfans an Apple-Computern aus ihren CDs 
eine eigene Custom-CD erstellen können. 
Der TV-Spot läuft seit dem 6. März in den USA. (by iJazz)

Saturday, 10. March 2001 - 17:00

CHUCK BERRY - MR. ROCK'N'ROLL has been completely relaunched and
contains now the following: