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Ongoing petition against Chuck Berry animal abuse gig great success
Thursday, 26. June 2008 - 18:51

The ongoing petition against Chuck Berry's animal abuse gig has proved to be an overwhelming success.

We would like to thank all fans, promoters and artist representatives who have signed the petition.
Please continue to do so as long as the Pamplona date stays on the schedule.

Our extented thanks go to the webmasters of Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard websites,
Jim Driver, the UK's No. 1 promoter for Rock & Roll and Blues shows, who have signed the petition as well as the 
Jerry Lee Lewis ranch in person of Phoebe Lewis (Jerry Lee's daughter), Cecil Harrelson and Stacy Ice,
showing there is no room for animal abuse in Rock'n'Roll music.

We also would like to thank PETA & Comité Anti Stierenvechten (CAS) who have received numerous
complaints about Chuck Berry playing this festival and who will naturally start protest

The Tour Information has been updated. We recommend to have a look at Jerry Lee Lewis' & Little Richard's
schedule which have both been updated. Both these Legends are active supporters of animal rights.
Even though Chuck Berry's representatives are aware of the St. Louis / Sete date clash for weeks, no action has 
been taken to resolve the matter. We therefore have removed all of Chuck Berry's upcoming European shows from the schedule 
since we cannot consider them confirmed. At this point we can not recommend to buy tickets for Chuck Berry shows
for above mentioned reasons.

Source: Wolfgang Guhl

A statement by the editor regarding the Pamplona scandal
Sunday, 15. June 2008 - 10:25

Dear visitor,

first of all I would like to thank all those who have expressed their disgust about Chuck Berry's scheduled
show at San Fermin Festival of Pamplona.

As every half-decent educated European knows, San Fermin is probably the worst bullfighting festival in the world.
The festival includes mainly bullruns and bullfights plus music, food etc. It is featured in all major medias
in Europe as one of the dumbest festival that is of today known to mankind. Countless bulls have lost their lives
at this festival as they have been killed for entertainment, regularly human beings lose their lives in this
primitive celebration of death. 

Chuck Berry as the only major musical act in years (NO Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Bo Diddley, Ray Charles etc.
have EVER played this festival) has sadly agreed to play this festival (
While it has been pointed out that he will not attend a bullfight and not stay in Pamplona, his show remains
part of the festival and it therefore puts the festival in a light it does not deserve. It puts Chuck Berry in
a light he does not deserve. Regardless of whether Chuck Berry supports bullfighting or not, so far no official statement has 
been made that clearly shows that Mr. Berry distances himself from bullfighting. He therefore puts
himself in a light that is questionable, by not distancing himself he gets political. By not distancing himself
his name will be damaged, he will lose a lot of fans that are supporting animal rights. He will be featured
in the media associated with bullfighting.

The professionality of Mr. Berry has also got to be questioned since he is scheduled to do shows in St. Louis, MO
on the 16th of July and Sete, France on the 17th of July. It is not difficult to figure out that due to
time difference it is impossible to play both shows. When a question about this date clash
was asked on the Official Website, it was removed without explanation. We are saddened that Mr. Berry
obviously ignores the request of many of his fans to cancel or distance himself from the Pamplona date and that his 
fans are obviously not worth it to get their questions answered. 

Official Website
Running Of The Bulls
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) San Fermin Protest Site

Source: Wolfgang Guhl

The Pamplona scandal
Friday, 13. June 2008 - 16:23


"CHUCK BERRY, DO YOU STOP THAT MESS" (Little Richard, 2006) 

We have already received an tremendous amount of messages by fans from all over the world that are disgusted by this decision. So far no official statement has been made by Chuck Berry or his associates.

Here is a small selection of statements made by fans:

"Someone so inhumane as to promote this type of event OUGHT to wear that red shirt and suffer the consequences." 
- Kay Martin, USA

"It seems an icredibly stupid thing for the participants too."
- Graham Knight, Scotland

"I and many fans are horrified that Chuck Berry has apparently agreed to play at the disgusting bullfighting festival in Pamplona, in which animals are tortured and then killed for spectator sport. Please cancel this gig immediately."
- Tony Papard, England

Source: Wolfgang Guhl

Chuck Berry European Tour July 2008 saved
Thursday, 12. June 2008 - 20:43

After further negotiations Chuck Berry's European Tour July 2008
seems to be saved. 

Indeed Chuck Berry will play the scandalous bullfighting festival
in Pamplona. distances itself from an event that sees killing of
animals as entertainment.

Source: Wolfgang Guhl

Chuck Berry European Tour July 2008 cancelled
Tuesday, 10. June 2008 - 18:20

Chuck Berry's European Tour July 2008 has been cancelled.
More details on possible reschedulements and refunds soon.

The following dates are affected:

05.07.08 - Narbonne, France - To Be Announced
06.07.08 - Toulouse, France - Halle Aux Grains
07.07.08 - Cordoba, Spain - Festival De La Guitarra De Cordoba
10.07.08 - Opatija, Croatia - Open Air Festival
12.07.08 - Pamplona, Spain - To Be Announced
17.07.08 - Sete, France - Theatre De La Mer
18.07.08 - Newport, England - Camp Bestival
19.07.08 - London, England - Hackney Empire
20.07.08 - London, England - Hackney Empire
25.07.08 - Maryport, England - Maryport Blues Festival
26.07.08 - Malaga, Spain - To Be Announced

Source: Wolfgang Guhl

Chuck Berry talks politics
Tuesday, 10. June 2008 - 18:20

Chuck Berry won't sing for "Johnny" in election

Bo Diddley receives rocking send-off
Monday, 09. June 2008 - 20:30

Bo Diddley receives rocking send-off

BO DIDDLEY's funeral held in Gainesville, FL today (Saturday) rocked and rolled with as much energy as his music.

For four hours, friends and relatives sang, danced and celebrated the life of the man who helped give birth to rock and roll with a signature beat that influenced Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones and many others.

As family members passed by the casket, a gospel band played his namesake song. Within moments, the crowd of several hundred began clapping in time and shouting, "Hey Bo Diddley!"

"In 1955 he used to keep the crowds rocking and rolling way before Elvis Presley," BO DIDDLEY's grandson, Garry Mitchell, said before kicking his legs sideways, high up in the air the way BO DIDDLEY did on-stage. Mourners cheered. "I'm just telling it the way it is", he said.

BO DIDDLEY was remembered for much more than his songs. Friends recounted his generosity, manifested in concerts for the homeless and work with youth groups and other charities; and the way he loved to talk to just about anybody he met.

Gainesville Mayor Pegeen Hanrahan referred to one of his most famous hits as she told the crowd, "When the question is asked, "Who do you love?", it's you, Bo".

Rock singer Eric Burdon attended the service and flowers were sent from musicians including Jerry Lee Lewis, Tom Petty, George Thorogood and others.

Last night's "Free Fridays" concert at the Downtown Community Plaza in Gainesville, FL was the first of a month-long series of concerts celebrating National Black Music Month and also marked the unofficial beginning of a weekend celebrating the life of BO DIDDLEY. David Ballard, event coordinator with Gainesville's Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs, hosted last night's concert and began proceedings with a special acknowledgment of BO DIDDLEY and his legacy.

The UK's BBC Radio 4 weekly obituaries program "Last Word" broadcast yesterday (Friday), included extracts from a recorded interview with BO DIDDLEY plus a poignant tribute to him from Paul Jones, lead singer with Manfred Mann and The Blues Band. The program is currently available on-line to listeners around the world for the next 7 days, by clicking the "Listen To The Latest Edition" link at:

This week's edition of "The Beat", the weekly guide to global pop music broadcast on the BBC World Service, featured a special BO DIDDLEY tribute. To mark his genius, music writer Charles Shaar Murray discussed BO DIDDLEY's legacy and the British electro-blues outfit Alabama 3 provided a unique musical tribute. The program is currently available on-line to listeners around the world for the next 7 days, by clicking the "Listen" link at:

We have posted a YouTube video in the BO DIDDLEY-The Originator website Forum of a 2-minute radio interview from last Monday with ZZ Top guitarist Billy F. Gibbons, paying tribute to BO DIDDLEY. This and other tribute videos and comments are available in the BO DIDDLEY-The Originator website Forum, located at and then by clicking on the "Enter My Forum" button.

A new DVD containing what is believed to be BO DIDDLEY's last extended filmed interview, taped in March 2006, is currently ready to ship. The documentary movies "Electrified: The Story of The Maxwell Street Urban Blues" and "Cheat You Fair: The Story of Maxwell Street" are available to order on-line on DVD from:

Top radio personality Jim Ladd paid tribute to BO DIDDLEY this week with a 90-minute live special broadcast on 95.5 KLOS-FM Classic Rock in Los Angeles that included phone calls from George Thorogood and drummer John Densmore of The Doors.

UK singer/composer Peter Gabriel, speaking to BBC Radio, paid tribute to BO DIDDLEY thus: "He appears in a lot of writing that I've done over the years because of the groove with which he was associated, which is the "Bo Diddley rhythm". He was really one of the first people to make an African element a central part of pop music and it was done with a lot of feel and a lot of style. I was sad to see him on the departed list". Gabriel also spoke on BO DIDDLEY's legacy: "It'll be songs using that rhythm, which is great. I mean, to be remembered by a groove - I hope that people visit his grave, they'll hear it".

Rock singer Eric Burdon paid this tribute: "Bo's one of the guys who invented rock 'n' roll. He took two cultures that existed in separate forms - country and western and the kind of blues that used to be known as "race music" - and put them together. His beat was a jungle beat. That's what he called it".

A leading UK politician, Lorraine Barrett, Assembly Member (AM) for Cardiff South & Penarth, has been reminiscing about the time she met BO DIDDLEY: "I only met him once, but he was a lovely man. My husband Paul was acting as the MC for Bo's UK tour with Carl Perkins in 1977. I went up to see the show at Hammersmith Odeon and it was amazing to be watching these incredible rock 'n' roll musicians from the wings. Carl was great, but Bo was amazing. It was one of those magic moments in life. Bo was such a nice guy. I've met quite a few American musicians over the years, but he was one of the best. He'd previously played in Cardiff and he said he wanted to come back to Wales to get some images of Cardiff and Caerphilly castles. His wife had a ceramics business. He was due to play at the Coal Exchange in Cardiff in one of the last gigs before it closed, but he had a stroke and unfortunately
couldn't make it. The death of Bo is very sad, because it means there are only two of the truly rock 'n' roll originals left - Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry. Everyone who is into rock 'n' roll knows the Bo Diddley riff - he was a real legend".

Paul Barrett, former manager of the popular UK singer Shakin' Stevens, had this to say about BO DIDDLEY: "Bo was really incredible. At one gig in London some rockabilly kids turned up with a Confederate flag and Bo wondered what was going on. I explained it was nothing to do with racism - they just liked Southern music. Bo insisted on having a picture taken with them because he said the folks back home wouldn't believe the story otherwise".

Radio presenter "Uncle" Joe Benson, from 95.5 KLOS-FM Classic Rock in Los Angeles, has paid this tribute: "The first time Bo Diddley entered my consciousness was at a sock hop in late 1963: his song came on and the kids started dancing like crazy, like they were being driven by some mysterious force! In short order we learned that being able to play that beat could turn neophyte guitarists into rock stars (albeit for two minutes at a time). And when The Rolling Stones covered Buddy Holly's 'Not Fade Away' and really worked that Bo Diddley beat, and when The Yardbirds covered 'I'm A Man,' the power of that Bo Diddley beat was ours! Think about it - primal music that empowered and inspired kids to dance and want to play music. We're all born with a gift of some talent and I still think that touching millions by channeling that beat was

Singer/songwriter Willie Nile, who recently penned the song "The Day I Saw Bo Diddley In Washington Square", recalls watching a BO DIDDLEY performance in the early 1960s: "I just heard that Bo Diddley passed away. I'm very sad to hear that. As Dave Marsh pointed out in our last interview, it's great that I got to write and record "The Day I Saw Bo Diddley In Washington Square" while he was still alive. The version on the new DVD is really good. I'm really happy about that. I first saw Bo play when I was in high school in Buffalo, NY. I went with my girlfriend and two friends to a club on the east side of Buffalo called The Pine Grill. We were the only white people in the place. It was an incredible performance, soulful, rockin', lowdown and with rhythm to spare. It was a great night. He raised the roof. Though people looked at us strangely, wondering what these white kids coming down to
a place like this were doing there, it was what you always dream of seeing and experiencing - a master, at the top of his game".

Source: David Blakey

Bo Diddley upcoming Gainesville services
Thursday, 05. June 2008 - 15:52

Friday (June 6th) Wake - 2.00pm-8.00pm
(Family and Invited Friends only)

Saturday (June 7th) Funeral Service - 2.00pm
(Open to the Public)
Showers of Blessing Harvest Center
2615 SE 15th Street, Gainesville, FL
Pastor Willie King, Pastor

Saturday (June 7th) Memorial - Non-Religious - 6.00pm-9.00pm
A celebration of BO DIDDLEY's life, featuring members of his touring band and guest musicians.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Multi-Purpose Center
1028 NE 14th Street, Gainesville, FL

Source: David Blakey

Bo Diddley dead at 79
Thursday, 05. June 2008 - 15:52



1928 - 2008

It is with profound regret that we announce that BO DIDDLEY died of heart failure on Monday June 2nd 2008 at his home in Archer, FL. He was 79. He had suffered a heart attack in August, three months after suffering a stroke while touring in Iowa. He had returned to Florida to continue rehabilitation. We mourn the passing of our friend Ellas McDaniel, the man known around the world as BO DIDDLEY. One of the founding fathers of rock & roll, a truly unique talent and an influence upon generations of musicians, Ellas' commitment to issues close to his heart, including human rights, the state of the Nation, homelessness, unemployment and the importance of education, touched many people across America and beyond. Born to entertain, he was a man of great innovation and energy. The BO DIDDLEY beat, his trademark square guitars, his pioneering use of female musicians and his exciting and highly idiosyncratic performances over five decades, form part of his lasting legacy. Ellas leaves behind his devoted family, their fine families and fans and admirers around the world that join them in honoring a good life of kindness and musical vision.

Source: David Blakey

Chuck Berry European shows July / August 2008
Thursday, 05. June 2008 - 15:52

Chuck Berry will play the following shows in Europe
in July / August 2008 backed by his European Band:

05.07.08 - Narbonne, France - To Be Announced
06.07.08 - Toulouse, France - Halle Aux Grains
07.07.08 - Cordoba, Spain - Festival De La Guitarra De Cordoba
08.07.08 - Off
09.07.08 - Off
10.07.08 - Opatija, Croatia - Open Air Festival
11.07.08 - Off
12.07.08 - Pamplona, Spain - To Be Announced
13.07.08 - Off
14.07.08 - Off
15.07.08 - Off
16.07.08 - Off
17.07.08 - Sete, France - Theatre De La Mer
18.07.08 - Newport, England - Camp Bestival
19.07.08 - London, England - Hackney Empire
20.07.08 - London, England - Hackney Empire
21.07.08 - Off
22.07.08 - Off
23.07.08 - Off
24.07.08 - Off
25.07.08 - Maryport, England - Maryport Blues Festival
26.07.08 - Malaga, Spain - To Be Announced

16.08.08 - Boleslawiec, Poland - Blues Rock Festival

Source: Patrick Rocher