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Sunday, 24. June 2001 - 17:38

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Sunday, 24. June 2001 - 13:26

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Saturday, 23. June 2001 - 10:34

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Saturday, 23. June 2001 - 07:49

We added two new reviews to the Concert Reviews section.

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Saturday, 23. June 2001 - 07:49

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Jerry Lee Lewis is out of the hospital
Saturday, 23. June 2001 - 07:49

Jerry Lee was to be released either late yesterday or today from Methodist Central.

Source: Jeffrey Prater

Judge dismisses claim of copyright infringement in lawsuit against Chuck Berry by his longtime pianist
Saturday, 23. June 2001 - 07:49

But Johnnie Johnson's suit survives because the judge left intact a claim that Berry misled Johnson

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
June 16 / 2001
By Tim Bryant

Pianist Johnnie Johnson's song-writing suit against rock 'n' roll legend 
Chuck Berry is no longer about accusations of copyright infringement but 
all about allegations of fraud and whether Berry took advantage of Johnson's alcoholism.

Johnson is seeking millions of dollars in royalties and other money earned by 
about 50 rock classics that he claims he co-wrote with Berry.

In an order issued in St. Louis on Monday, U.S. District Judge Donald J. Stohr 
dismissed Johnson's claim of copyright infringement. Stohr said that Berry 
cannot be liable for such infringement if he and Johnson co-wrote such classics. 
They include "Roll Over Beethoven," "No Particular Place to Go" and "Sweet Little Sixteen."

But Johnson's suit survives because Stohr left intact the claim that Berry misled 
Johnson into believing that, other than through his work as a studio musician, 
he had no right to money earned by the songs that made Berry an international music icon.

For many years, Johnson, 76, was incapacitated by alcoholism, he alleges in the suit, 
which was filed late last year.

Still to be determined, Stohr stated, is whether Johnson's incapacitation was sufficient 
to overcome a statute of limitations that otherwise would bar his fraud claims against Berry.

The next step in the case is mediation. Stohr has set a deadline of July 31 for a mediator - 
yet to be selected - to report whether the case can be settled out of court.

Martin Green, one of Berry's lawyers, said Friday he was pleased with Stohr's ruling.

"He has dismissed the copyright infringement claims, which formed the substantive basis 
of the suit in the first place," Green said.

Johnson's lawyer, Mitch Margo, was unavailable for comment.

The suit seeks unspecified damages from Berry and his Isalee Music Co.

In most instances, Berry wrote poems that he and Johnson put to music, the suit contends. 
Berry copyrighted the songs for himself and later renewed the copyrights in his name 
or through Isalee, the suit states.

Source: Johan Hasselberg

Blues legend John Lee Hooker dies
Saturday, 23. June 2001 - 07:49

Blues legend John Lee Hooker dies is no longer in service
Sunday, 17. June 2001 - 12:10

One of the most comprehensive Tour Databases on the web, Tourdates, 
closed down the service recently.

Source: Wolfgang Guhl

Jerry Lee Lewis in the hospital
Sunday, 17. June 2001 - 10:50

Jerry Lee has been in the hospital since Friday morning (15.06.) 
because of pneumonia for the second time. 
He is doing ok. News on his condition will be added.

Source: Øyvind Stølefjell

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Wednesday, 06. June 2001 - 11:19

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Jerry Lee Lewis appearance in Vichy cancelled
Saturday, 02. June 2001 - 16:56

The  Jerry Lee Lewis show in Vichy, France (it was never actually signed) 
next September is also cancelled.

Source: Pierre Pennone