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Chuck Berry makes two local appearances, appears in great health
Wednesday, 30. July 2008 - 23:32

According to the St. Louis Today website 
Chuck Berry made two appearances at local venues since he cancelled two European shows without reason. 
On July 26th 2008 (the day he was supposed to perform in Malaga), he appeared at Ameristar Casino in 
St. Charles, MO and on July 28th at Blueberry Hill in St. Louis, MO. He did not perform at either venue, 
but appeared in great shape and in a chatty mood joking while agents, promoters and fans are trying to 
get the money back that the Legend cashed in. According to legal advisors it can take up to 3 years to get
the money back from Berry.

Source: St. Louis Today

C.B. Personal War against his promoters, agents and his long time fans!
Tuesday, 29. July 2008 - 21:27


Dear Wolfgang,
after all the overcrowded press releases, arguments  crazy and stupid Chuck B. way, I will conclude as
followed: I have been since the year of 1970 with C.B. followed many concerts and felt many times about
his uncorrect handlings, cancel contracts and so on.
But the top of the mountain is his to misuse agents, promoters, and several hundred fans all over the world!
And also to bother his own daughter in very bad way! (See note of Patrick Rocher in Great Britain)-
C.B.'s only great mind is MONEY, and once more Money! The Final trouser has no money maker in the
But his fans are really good enough to invest 100 Ä for one gig. Aren't We????
I have to finish to give all fans of the fantastic Page from Wolfgang Guhl the only advice.
May 95 % of Chuck Berry Fans will no more follow to him on one of his final gigs!
Best regards
Ulrich Mayer

BREAKING NEWS: Chuck Berry's criminal activities reported to Interpol
Sunday, 27. July 2008 - 12:53


Several promoters have filled complaint to Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization),
reporting Chuck Berry's activities of international crime!

Future European shows are VERY UNLIKELY to take place!

Chuck Berry cancels final two shows of European Tour
Sunday, 27. July 2008 - 01:00

We just received the news that Chuck Berry has cancelled the final two shows of his European Tour:

26.07.08 - Malaga, Spain - Classic Rock Festival
27.07.08 - Carracedelo, Spain - Monaster Festival

A reason for the cancellation was not given.

No-show Fats!
Friday, 25. July 2008 - 20:43

I regret to inform you that Fats Domino did not show 19 July at Bonart Park in the Lower Ninth Ward, 
just 4 blocks from his own compound. He did send a check of $1,000 to help the benefit show though. 
I do not expect we'll ever see Fats play a show again. The loss of his wife in March, the loss of his 
neighbors and friends in the last three years has been too much to take.

Source: Paul MacPhail

Pictures added
Friday, 25. July 2008 - 20:43

More pictures of the second Hackney Empire show have been added to the Gallery.

Source: Richard Harvey 

Reviews added
Tuesday, 22. July 2008 - 21:03

We added two reviews to the Reviews section:

Source: Dirk Bendfeld | Richard Harvey 

Gallery updated
Monday, 21. July 2008 - 21:34

Several pictures of yesterday's Chuck Berry show at Hackney Empire; London, England were added
to the Gallery. 

Source: Richard Harvey

Fats Domino plays rare concert
Friday, 18. July 2008 - 23:30

July 19 - Saturday - Fats Domino plays benefit for Lower Ninth Ward at 
'Welcome Home Community Festival at Sam Barnart Playground on Marais Street in New Orleans. 
4,000 people expected at $10 each for afternoon show.

Source: Paul MacPhail

Chuck Berry fools his own fans (again!)
Friday, 11. July 2008 - 16:15

As reported Chuck Berry cancelled his shows in Narbonne (July 5), Toulouse (July 6)
and Cordoba (July 7) late on July 3rd due to the death of his brother (June 29th).

Several hours later Chuck Berry flew to Hawaii to play a show on Hawaii which was scheduled for
July 4. This date was on for several months. Chuck Berry's European Agent Patrick Rocher
was aware of the Hawaii/Narbonne (July 4/5) date clash since early June 2008. No action
was taken to resolve the problem.

Here is a picture of Chuck Berry's July 4th appearance on Hawaii that was taken shortly after midnight on July 5th:


Chuck Berry cancels shows on Hawaii (July 4), Narbonne (July 5), Toulouse (July 6) and Cordoba (July 7) because he 
mourns the loss of his brother.

But the FACT is
Chuck Berry plays Hawaii on July 4, THEN cancels three European shows
because he cannot make them in time due to another date clash known
to himself and his management for several weeks.

Chuck Berry confirms animal abuse gig
Monday, 07. July 2008 - 20:18


Chuck Berry has decided to ignore the request of 700 fans to cancel his animal abuse gig at San Fermin Festival
in Pamplona (view petition here). 

Critical posts on the official website were censored, so were questions about the St. Louis/Sete-clash. The St. Louis
date was confirmed by Chuck Berry at a time he was FULLY aware he would be on a European Tour. The unnecessary last minute
cancellation of the following shows costs many fans a lot of money who booked tickets/flights/hotels:

04.07.08 - Hualalai, HI - Private Event
05.07.08 - Narbonne, France - Electronics
06.07.08 - Toulouse, France - Halle Aux Grains
07.07.08 - Cordoba, Spain - Festival De La Guitarra De Cordoba
16.07.08 - St. Louis, MO - Blueberry Hill

We find it perverse that a man who is in the music business for 50+ years does not
appreciate the work which his fans did for many years to support him.
We find it perverse that a man who has made millions of Dollars finds it necessary
to play a festival which belongs to the stone age.
We find it perverse that a man cancels shows as he mourns the loss of his brother
and one week later plays a festival which celebrates public executions and deaths
of animals and people.
We find it perverse that a man who has complained about racism all his life
plays a festival which is organised by people who share the same thoughts as racists.
We find it perverse that an official representative in person of Charles E. Berry Junior
never bothers to reply to fans' enquiries about this inacceptable festival.
We find it perverse that Chuck Berry's European Agent books a date against his
own believes just for the money and asks us not to be too passionate about it:

Donít be too pasionate about cool !...
I perfectly understand your point of view and I kind of agree with you in the principle....but that's 
Entertainment business before politic 
all my best...
Patrick rocher 
Chuck Berry European Tour Agent

We would like to conclude with a statement by a man who has followed Chuck Berry's career as a fan for over 30 years
and will now turn his back on him:

"He will be remembered as great founder of Rock N' Roll and that's it. He has to think that money is not everything in life, 
but the man is to old and to crazy to understand it!"