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Saturday, 28. July 2001 - 18:29

Source: Francis Goulet

5 new Pictures added
Friday, 27. July 2001 - 10:09

5 new pictures were added. They were taken in Concord 1999
and Bergen 2000 during Tours together with Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard.

Source: Wolfgang Guhl

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Thursday, 26. July 2001 - 15:52

We added one new link to the Links section,
a great german rock site named Rock'n'Roll Heaven.

Source: Wolfgang Guhl

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Thursday, 26. July 2001 - 11:22

We moved 7 pictures from the Esbjerg 1998 special
to the Picture Gallery. The Esbjerg 1998 section has been

Source: Jesper Kragh

Chuck Berry's new St. Louis Band
Wednesday, 25. July 2001 - 10:44

Charles Edward Berry jr. is now playing in Chuck 
Berry's "new" St. Louis band. It reports he's getting 
better at every show! The drummer is Bob Kuban, from 
Bob Kuban Brass. Years ago he had a hit with "The 
Cheater". Chuck's doughter, Ingrid, is singing and 
playing harmonica. Her husband, Chuck Clay, dies in 
december after hard heart atack. He was often in the 
band, playing drums, and his death is very sad news 
for all of us. The long time side man, Jim Marsala (28 
years on the road with Chuck) is the bassist. At last, 
Chuck is also backed on piano by the great keyboardist 
Bob Lohr, a veteran of local St. Louis blues bands, 
including a regular gig with Arthur Williams. So we 
can all see (and hear!) that Chuck Berry wants to give 
the people the best music from some of the best 
musicans he know in the area. Go to the website and 
check the next show at Blueberry Hill:

Source: Johan Hasselberg

1 new Concert Review added
Tuesday, 17. July 2001 - 12:47

Fantastic concert review of Chuck Berry's recent show
in Irvine added.

Source: Wolfgang Guhl  

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Monday, 16. July 2001 - 13:11

We just got a picture of Chuck Berry at the Starclub in Hamburg in 1963.
We are very proud to include this rare one into the Picture Gallery.

Source: Michael Westphal

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Sunday, 15. July 2001 - 11:50

Source: Francis Goulet

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Sunday, 08. July 2001 - 08:23

Source: Francis Goulet

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Sunday, 08. July 2001 - 08:23

We added one new review to the Concert Reviews section.

Source: Wolfgang Guhl

Up-and-coming rock band get chance to play with rock'n'roll legend but can't afford fares to USA
Monday, 02. July 2001 - 18:31

(click on image to enlarge)

Source: Wolfgang Guhl

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Sunday, 01. July 2001 - 08:00

Source: Francis Goulet

Jerry Lee Lewis cancelled all three shows in Bossier City
Sunday, 01. July 2001 - 08:00

Due to his recent stay in hospital, Jerry Lee Lewis had to cancel
all three scheduled shows in Bossier City in June 2001.

Source: Wolfgang Guhl