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Tour Information
24. February 2000

the tour information section
has been massive updated

19. February 2000

this site has now been visited
by over 14000 visitors

19. February 2000

now this site has also a forum
where you can ask questions or
just discuss with other fans

Picture Gallery
19. February 2000

today I will add a new cover
called "Tokyo Session"
thanks to Johan Hasselberg

Legends Of Rock'n'Roll
15. February 2000

have a look on the tour information section
for a new tour schedule

12. February 2000

poll has been closed
you can view the results 
by clicking here

Jerry Lee Lewis
03. February 2000

newspaper Commercial Appeal just released
an article about Jerry Lee Lewis in hospital
on February 1th 2000
click here for the article

Jerry Lee Lewis
02. February 2000

Skip Best sent me these E-Mails:
february 1th - 22:30:57
Jerry Lee Lewis has been rushed to Methodist Hospital in Memphis, TN this evening 
suffering from a knife wound to his hand, Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2000. We don't know all 
of the details as of yet...we also don't know how this will affect his concert schedule 
this year.
february 2th - 06:00:26 
Jerry Lee Lewis is expected to be released from the Hospital today. He accidentally cut his 
left thumb with a knife, given to his as a Christmas gift from a granddaughter. After he had 
several stitches, he was given an anti-biotic of which he suffered an immediate, deadly reaction 
and was rushed to the hospital. His daughter said that this year's concert schedule will go 
on as planned.