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Merry Christmas
24. December 2000

Merry Christmas to all Chuck Berry fans

Fats Domino Releases New Album
24. December 2000

the great Fats Domino is working on a new album
he is looking for a record company at the moment
and he is willing to release the new album in 2001

Chuck Berry Being Honored By The Kennedy Center

04. December 2000

click here for a review of the ceremony

Johnny "B. Goode" Stakes His Claim In Music History From Partner Chuck Berry
Rock'n'Roll's first team to play it out in court

02. December 2000

A multi-count lawsuit against guitarist/lyricist Chuck Berry 
was filed yesterday by attorneys for legendary pianist/composer Johnnie Johnson 
(aka "Johnnie B. Goode") in St. Louis Federal District Court. 
The suit seeks Johnson's rightful share of monies realized 
from numerous Johnson/Berry composed songs for which 
Johnson never received proper credit or royalties.
Click here for the full article and a whole lot of more information

The Chuck Berry/ Jerry Lee Lewis Chat
02. December 2000

yesterday Thomas Sobczak removed his great
Jerry Lee Lewis Fan Site for personal reasons
for everyone who knew his website
that's a very sad news
Thomas also ran the very succesfull 
Jerry Lee Lewis Fan Site Chat which is also deleted now
what I'm trying now is to run this chat on my website
same day (Sunday), same time (18:00 - 19:30, Center European Time)
and hopefully with all the nice people who always joined on those Sundays
first try is on Sunday, 03-12-2000