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Jerry Lee Lewis has been divorced
Thursday, 25. April 2002 - 17:35


What it all means...

I have gotten a great deal of inquiries concerning the 
latest news about a divorce action between Jerry and 
Kerrie.  As I have said, this will not affect the 
Convention or the Ferriday Ride. 

I received a message from Kerrie to me today which 

"All is well here; just doing business as usual. I put 
a copy of the press release at the bottom in case you 
feel you might need it. ... 

The Convention actually is going great and the phones 
have been ringing off the wall with sales today!  I am 
really putting all my efforts into making it great as 
you never know when it will be the last one.  They are 
so hard to put together, but they are a labor of love 
for me to give to the fans. 

The mags went out today and we gave the Ferriday 
Riders an entire page!  It looks good!  I know you all 
will have a blast! Let me know if I can be of 


Press release: 
"The Lewis Family wishes to express its sincere 
appreciation for your calls and concern. Please 
respect their need for privacy at this time.  This 
separation is amicable. Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Lewis will 
continue to reside at the Lewis Ranch and raise their 
son together.  Mr. Lewis will continue to tour and 
Mrs. Lewis will continue to run JKL Enterprises, Inc. 
They are not granting any interviews at this time. 
Thank you."

Source: Kay Martin

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Saturday, 20. April 2002 - 10:04

Picture Gallery updated:

Source: Wolfgang Guhl

BMI to Honor Rock 'n Roll Pioneers at 50th Annual Pop Awards
Saturday, 20. April 2002 - 08:24


BMI to Honor Rock 'n Roll Pioneers at 50th Annual Pop Awards

BMI will celebrate its 50th annual Pop Awards on May 14 at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles. In honor of the milestone anniversary, rock & roll pioneers Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and Little Richard will be presented with BMI Icon Awards in recognition of their many contributions to contemporary music. This is the first time the Icon Awards will be presented. BMI President & CEO Frances W. Preston will hand out these prestigious awards to the three honorees, who will all be in attendance.

Little Richard

Bo Diddley

Chuck Berry

The BMI Pop Awards is an invitation only, black-tie event that recognizes the songwriters and publishers of the most performed songs of the past year. Preston along with Barbara Cane, Vice President & General Manager, Writer/Publisher Relations, Los Angeles, will present BMI Citations of Achievement during the awards ceremony and dinner.

Past BMI Pop Award winners include Don Henley, Babyface, Counting Crows, Macy Gray, Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, CAKE, Foo Fighters, Faith Hill, The Corrs, matchbox twenty, Sting, R.E.M., R. Kelly, Bush, Creed, 3 Doors Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Santana and many others. Last year's top winners included Cory Rooney (BMI Songwriter of the Year), “Breathe" (BMI Song of the Year) and EMI Music Publishing (BMI Publisher of the Year).

Source: David Blakey

Chuck Berry will not play at Notodden Blues Festival in Norway
Monday, 15. April 2002 - 14:35

Chuck Berry will not play at Notodden Blues Festival in Norway August 1-4. 
"Hedliners is Buddy Guy, Dr. John and Tony Joe White", the promotor said. 
Sorry people...

Source: Johan Hasselberg

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Sunday, 14. April 2002 - 16:52

Picture Gallery updated:

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Chuck Berry & James Brown in Tokyo, Japan
Thursday, 04. April 2002 - 07:32

Music Review:
Chuck Berry & James Brown

Only in Japan. What else to make of this historic double billing? According to reports 
in the Japanese media, the Godfather of Soul contacted the King of Rock 'n' Roll suggesting 
they get together for a joint concert.

Chuck Berry, by the way, turned 75 October 18, while James Brown is 68. Berry celebrated his 
birthday in fine style in a concert in Peachtree City, Georgia. According to an extensive article in 
Rolling Stone, 2,500 souls rose as one, held flaming candles aloft and commenced singing "Happy Birthday" 
to the inventor of rock 'n' roll.

But apparently, Berry had left the building. The notoriously fickle author (Keith Richards called him 
"more headaches than Jagger") of hits like "Johnny B. Goode," Rock and Roll Music," and "Sweet Little Sixteen" 
apparently hadn't been informed of the tribute in advance, and wished to take no part in it.

Despite his advancing years, however, reports suggest that Berry is in good health, and still capable of 
his legendary duckwalk. He'll still gig anywhere, and reportedly gets a cool $35,000 for a decent-size 
concert. He only requires two things: a Lincoln Town Car at the airport and a Fender Bassman amp. 
And if the promoter shows up with a Mercedes, saying it is a better car, Berry told Rolling Stone, he responds: 
"I didn't say better, I said a Lincoln. If they do not provide there is a $2,000 fine."

He also asks, "to be provided with able musicians, that is, musicians able to play Chuck Berry songs." He never travels 
with his own band, relying on local backing bands. For the upcoming concerts, however, he and Brown will be backed 
by a band imported from the US. Sorry Japanese hopefuls.

Meanwhile, Berry is reportedly at work on his first album of original material in decades. He told Rolling Stone 
why he hasn't been into the recording studio. "For many years," he said, "I've been reluctant to make new songs. 
Lots of days I could write songs, but I could also take my $400 and play the slot machines at the riverfront casino. 
In a way, I feel it might be ill mannered to try and top myself. You see, I am not an oldies act. The music I play, 
it is a ritual. Something that matters to people in a special way. I wouldn't want to interfere with that. So, yes, it is 
a little risky. Because I have been so educated in the past, and now it is so far in the future."

Brown, on the other hand, has not been afraid to come to grips with the future, if his 1998 "comeback" album, 
I'm Back, was any indication.

While the album didn't make any concessions to the electrobeat of the day, it did update Brown's funk in a 
decidedly brassy, '90s fashion. Songs like "Funk On Ah Roll" gave Brown classics such as "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" 
a pretty good run for their money.

Also unlike Berry, Brown has been a frequent visitor to Japan in recent years, headlining, for example, 
the debut Summer Sonic rock festival in 2000.

Brown seems to be "feelin' good" right now, with a new bride, a new baby boy, James Joseph Brown II, and a 
brand new album due out this spring. Entitled The Next Step, the album focuses on social and political issues 
in timeless Brown fashion. "Let the Sun Shine in Your Heart," for example, deals with the tragedy of September 11th. 
"'Extra! Extra! Have you heard the news?/Innocent people died/Sad, but it's true/Someone tell me what this world 
is comin' to,'" Brown quoted the song's lyrics to Rolling Stone. "That sounds more like a gospel song," he said. 
"But it's really inspirational. Funky, but it tells the truth."

According to promoter JEC's website, a portion of the proceeds from the gigs will be forwarded to the U.S. 
Embassy to assist the victims of September 11.

Chuck Berry & James Brown play Tokyo International Forum Mar 22-23. 
See listings for details.

Source: Johan Hasselberg

MTV: "Celebrity Deathmatch"
Thursday, 04. April 2002 - 07:32


"Celebrity Deathmatch," MTV
Featured Artists: Chuck Berry vs. James Brown, George Michael 
(vs. Paul "Pee Wee Herman" Reubens, Shannen Doherty vs. Halle Berry).

Source: Johan Hasselberg

More Chuck Berry shows in Europe and Australia this summer possible
Thursday, 04. April 2002 - 07:32

Chuck Berry will probably play in Dublin, Ireland, in June. I also hear rumors of some 
shows in Australia this summer, but I don't know for sure. Also rumors about two Berry 
shows at International Notodden Blues Festival, Oslo, Norge, in August.

Buddy Guy is the first "Headline" attraction to be announced for the 2002 Notodden Blues 
Festival. To celebrate his masterwork "Sweet Tea" the festival has put together a billing 
that will present the many sides of Mr. Guy, as well as, many of the contributing musicians 
from the W.C. Handy and Grammy Award nominated recording.

Source: Johan Hasselberg