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Jerry Lee Lewis scheduled to perform at Montreux Jazz Festival
Sunday, 22. April 2001 - 16:10

We just got the info that Jerry Lee Lewis is scheduled to appear 
at the famous Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland in July 2001.
Have a look on the Tour Information section for further details. 

11 new Lyrics added
Friday, 20. April 2001 - 09:52

11 new Lyrics sent by Francis Goulet (who else?!?):

New CD Release
Thursday, 19. April 2001 - 09:08

"The London Rock & Roll Show" is the title of a recently released CD 
out now on the Magnum Collectors label, (Magnum Collectors CDMF 105), 
featuring live performances by Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, 
Little Richard and Bill Haley & His Comets. Taped live at the Wembley Stadium 
in London, England on Saturday August 5th 1972.

11 new Lyrics added
Thursday, 12. April 2001 - 10:04

We just got some new lyrics. 10 of them by Francis Goulet and
one additional ("Memphis") by request. These lyrics have been added:

Tour Information massive updated (Jerry Lee Lewis back in Europe)
Wednesday, 11. April 2001 - 13:36

Massive update to the Tour Information section.
Jerry Lee Lewis will be back in Europe for a show in France.
Check out the section for more details.

10 new Lyrics added
Monday, 09. April 2001 - 15:39

The lyrics section has expanded a little bit lately.
Thanks to Francis Goulet for the help and the following lyrics:

Recommended Berry Material (Specials)
Sunday, 08. April 2001 - 12:24

We just opened a new section in the Specials area. It includes information
to important Chuck Berry releases. Hope you like it. Please note that
most of the items are not available anymore but nevertheless "Must Have's".

13 new Lyrics added
Sunday, 08. April 2001 - 12:24

Francis Goulet sent us once again some lyrics: